Texans for a Cause

Bull Head Draft


4th Annual Bull Head Draft

Our 4th Annual Bull Head Draft was a success! We were able to send 5 Houston Heroes to the Texans Salute to Service game with the funds raised during this event. They enjoyed a pre-game tailgate, Texans gift bag and lower level game tickets & parking pass. We couldn't be happier with the day or the draft turn out!

Check out some photos below & see you next year!



  • All Draft Pass holders will be given a random Draft ID when they check in to the event.
  • The CharitaBulls Commissioner will begin randomly drawing ID's from a bucket when the draft begins.
  • When a pass holders ID is called, he/she will be able to select one of the Bull Heads that is still available BUT they will have to select a number because all the Bull Heads faces will be hidden until they are drawn.
  • The last pass holder called will be able to decide if they want to keep the last remaining Bull Head or trade with any other pass holder. If they chose to trade, the person who is forced to swap must keep the new Bull Head but will be given an extra door prize ticket for a a bonus chance to win various other prices included specialty Bull Heads.
  • NOTE: There is no limit on the number of draft passes a person may purchase.