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-Fans choose favorite Houston Texan player, cheerleader or coach-


HOUSTON, TX – The 2nd annual Draft Party hosted by Houston Texans fans favorite charity, CHARITABULLS, will be held Monday, September 14, 2015 at the Houston Texans Grille (12848 Queensbury Lane, Suite 208 | Houston, TX 77024) at 6 pm.


Last football-season the 42-inch Fat Heads continuously made national news during Houston Texans football games. Fan favorite, JJ Watt’s fat head, was one seen every week on television screens. Just as last year, this year fans can look forward to seeing not only the Houston Texans players, but the Houston Texans cheerleaders and coaches fat heads.


How it Works: There are only 25 Fat Heads and fans can guarantee their spot at the Draft Party and a Fat Head (a $179 value), by purchasing their $100 ticket. The 25 people who purchase a ticket will receive an I.D., when the I.D. is drawn, fans will have several options: (1. Choose from the available Fat Heads, 2. Sell their draft spot to someone who did not make the team, or 3. Make a monetary trade for another members’ unknown draft spot.). The draft will continue until all 25 players are drafted.

Fans who just want to be spectators or did not make the team can enjoy Monday Night Football and have a chance to win a Fat Head by purchasing raffle tickets, bidding during the live auction or hope someone who did make the team will sell their spot.


CHARITABULLS, is a 501 ©(3) organization, that create memorable fan events to give back to Houston Texans current and former players organizations. CHARITBULLS started just over 2 years ago and has raised nearly $100,000 giving back to organizations like the JJ Watt Foundation, The Chester Pitts Charitable Foundation, The Wade Smith Foundation, The Lymphoma Research Foundation (in Honor of David Quessenberry), the Ronald McDonald House and this season Project 88 (Garrett Graham Foundation).


About Charitabulls - Since 2013, with the help of dedicated volunteers and the support of local sports fans, CharitaBulls has helped raise more than $100,000 for local nonprofit organizations. CharitaBulls partners with former and current Professional athletes, local media personalities, and business professionals to provide exciting sports related fundraising events in the community. This partnership is instrumental in bringing awareness to both the community impact in fundraising efforts and the needs of local nonprofits.  CharitaBulls provides local nonprofits support through monetary donations, social media support and volunteerism.




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